Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Action Plan

Should the Grand Jury verdict require Security and Emergency Response the following action plan will go into effect:

Our Action Plan:

A  72 hour lock-down, which means the key-pad will be shut down  all meetings and classes will be cancelled during that time period.
St. Andrew’s Action Plan For Grand Jury Announcement

There will be a prayer vigil.
Please let Pastor Monica know in advanced when you will be praying. You may pray at home or come to the church. You may only come to the church to pray if you let Pastor know in advanced. She will be at the church and will open the Worship Center door when you arrive

If the Grand Jury Announcement happens on a Sunday, St. Andrew will still have both Worship Services, please use your discretion on attending. Then we will go to our Action Plan after services have ended.

Contact:  Pastor Monica Jefferson  Cell Phone – 314-707-0172,  mjeffersonsa@sbcglobal.net, website www.saintandrewumc.net

Ongoing Response to Ferguson and Peace With Justice: From Rev. Monica Jefferson, Senior Pastor, St. Andrew  November 8, 2014

  • To approach all issues of peace with justice from the perspective of the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • To evoke full and fair discussion of  issues within the local church beginning with study of  “Where Do We Go From Here” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Monday nights, at St. Andrew during the month of November 2014.  Contact Pastor Adrienne Denson, adensonsa@gmail.com
  • To make  “shalom” a word of greeting or farewell meaning peace — visible and active in people’s lives and communities. 
  • To “strengthen  capacity to act as a public advocate”  Ferguson, St. Louis North County, the St. Louis Metropolitan area, Missouri, the nation, and the world.
  • To engage and empower by taking action  by working directly with the Hazelwood School District, Ferguson Florissant School District, NCCU,   MCU,  and the The Greater St. Louis North County Chamber of Commerce,  as active members and participants. (Other groups will be added over time)
  • To become a Peace with Justice Covenant Congregation as a witness to God’s demand for a faithful, just, community, through non-violent advocacy and action.
  • To engage St. Andrew and other faith communities in ongoing actions that work for peace to de-escalate rather than to intensify for the purpose of finding common positive action.

Adapted From Peace With Justice Congregational Covenant

Pastor Monica Jefferson – Senior Pastor St. Andrew United Methodist Church – August 11, 2014
St. Louis North County is an amazing and wonderful community. The events of the past 48 hours are not reflective of who we are. To the family of Michael Brown prayers of comfort, peace, and strength. To all law enforcement and their families prayers for you. To all leaders that are involved in working through the next steps my prayers are for wisdom. Honor the wishes of Michael’s family and stop the violence. To those that are coming into our community…respect our community and do not choose violence and looting. We live in this community and will still live, worship, buy, play, in North County long after the news reports and cameras are gone. We will rebuild and come back stronger. Prayers for Peace with Justice. Pastor Monica Jefferson Saint Andrew United Methodist Church


 August 25, 2014 – On the tension in Ferguson, Mo.
“United Methodist voices … have sought to de-escalate rather than to intensify.”
– Bishop Robert Schnase (Missouri)
“United Methodist voices, including that of the Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, an active United Methodist himself, have sought to de-escalate rather than to intensify, to work toward peace and justice rather than to avoid, blame, or ignore,” says Bishop Robert Schnase, episcopal leader of the Missouri Conference.